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Enabling the junior golfer to play better and compete with a better chance of winning has been the mission of how we started. That has always been our mantra and the driving force of how we want the child to grow into a competitive golfer.

Our approach for optimized performance takes an integrated approach for golf fitness, swing, short-game, mental training and clubs. Unlike sales-motivated fitting, our concept of fitting is not about finding solutions around the best three shots out of ten, but rather focused on finding where the weaknesses are and finding better and mid to long-term solutions.

Our players have gone on to win at the highest level on the word stage and these include IMG World, FCG, Callaway-FCG, US Kids International. Some of those who started earlier have gone on to pursue highly successful professional golfing careers.

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Junior golfers grow at an unpredictable rate and coupled with diet and growth spurts, it makes keeping up a tough act for parents. Hence it is only natural that a lot of junior golfers out there are not properly fitted.

It has always been a Catch-22 situation with us but if we look at this objectively, it might be best to fit elite junior golfers for up to 3 inches of growth initially, instead of giving them longer clubs and hope they will grow into them.

Getting the right length clubs will enable your child to adopt the best position for impact, and thus optimizing their performance. Too many parents, players and even coaches I have met in the last decade have insisted that longer clubs means longer distance. This singularly, and in context, cannot be further from the truth.

In reality and proven scientifically, the best striking position is a result of the right AOA (angle of attack), smash factor, use of ground force, and getting the club head square at impact. To do so, the clubs have to be built correctly to length, weight and flex so that optimal performance can be achieved.

We have built a 40-inch 7 iron (the standard length is 37 inches) that weights 485g in total. It is meant to give parents a taste of what your child is experiencing and why they cannot achieve the basic perimeters for getting into the right striking position.

Finally, we would also like to highlight that most fitting charts for junior branded clubs are a scaled-down version of adult club measurements and these are flawed. Junior golfers below 15 years of age do not have the body proportions of adults. Their head, torso and legs develop at different rates and these factors have a big impact on how clubs need to be optimized for juniors. It should not be scaled-down from a standard adult measurement chart.

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