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Fitting your child starts from us getting an insight into his game, and his attitude towards the game, and even wider aspects related to other aspects of his/her life. Besides information such as physical and club data, we like to know why he or she wants to compete, their attitude on working towards their goals, and their tolerance towards training and other physical fitness and games.

We will start with connecting preferably on quick messenger platforms such as WhatsApp or Messenger. You will be asked for physical and club data, as well as provide video recordings of your child’s swing. It is also important to assess your child’s current golf set and we would need those data as we work on comparing what he/she has in the bag versus what should be in that bag.

From the information provided, we can map out a detailed club configuration that’s customized to optimize your child performance. It will take into consideration their range of swing mobility, physical build and abilities as well as their current set of clubs.

It’s the first step in determining if the player is playing with the right weight, length, and type of clubs Success or failure can be established and we can work towards optimal performance.

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  • Height (in inches)
  • Floor to wrist (in inches)
  • Floor to elbow (in inches)
  • Weight (in pounds or kgs)


  • Driver, Fairway wood and 7 iron length (in inches)
  • Total weight of Driver, Fairway wood, 7 iron and Swingweight (in grams)


  • Driver or Fairway wood (at least two shots each)
  • 7 iron (at least two shots each)

You are welcome to send us more videos and it does not have to be perfect shots with the best results. If we can see both good and bad results, it will help us gather more information.

An additional video of your child telling us about who he or she is, why they want to be a golfer and why they like to compete in this game will be great. It’s not mandatory but it would provide us with a bigger insight into his or her game.

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