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Name: David Ho
Handicap: 9
Country: Singapore

It is not often that you find a fitter that can help you understand your needs, especially when you know you do not desire to change a swing that you have used for many years. This is where Eric has been an important partner. I am pushing 60 and felt that it was time to shift from heavy steel shafts to lighter graphite, so as to get back some club head speed and distance. After listening to what I think is needed to achieve what I want, he put me through the swing analysis and with the data in hand, we had a very open and frank discussion. I was then introduced to the Aerotech shafts and had my woods/utilities and irons realigned. Found the shaft very stable and the fitting gave me back the confidence to hit a variety of shots. Have also found the discussions with him, on the game and equipment most informative and these help me distinguish my needs from wants. Saved me equipment $$$ too. Thanks Eric.

Name: Raymond Hair
Handicap: 5.4
Country: Singapore

I was playing off a 10 HCP and trying to improve my Green in Regulation play and hopefully progress to becoming a scratch golfer. After hearing really good stories about BFG, decided to book a fitting session with them and the experience was amazing. Eric was very patient he put me through hitting shots with different clubs before he shared his thoughts with me on my swing data and confirmed that I have been playing with shafts that were a flex too strong, hence resulting in loss of distance and control. It has been a few months since I collected my custom fitted set and my handicap has dropped to 5.4! I am really thankful to Eric of BFG Singapore for his great help!

Name: Erwyn Lam
Handicap: 5
Country: Singapore

It is really a challenge in the modern day club fitting industry to sieve out the Good from the Great. It is, after all, a game of inches and that can't be truer in terms of club fitting as well. I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Uncle Eric at Big Fish some 10 years ago and from the crazy number of times that I had visited not once have I left his amazing fitting studio without a huge smile on my face. He is by far the most meticulous club fitter that I have visited and takes huge pride in practicing his art of club fitting. It is similar to visiting a Michelin star chef at a renowned restaurant and asking him to delicately create that juicy and succulent piece of steak with a nice charred surrounding. The faith and confidence of it coming out just the way you want it, simply splendid and perfect. Thanks, Uncle Eric.

Name: Andre Chong
Handicap: +1
Country: Singapore

BFG is the best club fitter in Singapore, I first visited them when I was 8 years old and I still visit them whenever I need help with my equipment. The thing I like the most is that they have a wide variety of shafts to choose from, customized specifically to my height. The staffs are friendly and knowledgeable.

Name: Vincent Chesney
Handicap: 7
Country: Singapore

Eric wanted to reach out and say thanks for all your effort in sorting out my new PXG irons they look and play amazing.

Your team at Big Fish have gone out of their way to help me in the past few weeks in changing shafts in my woods and putter always promptly and professionally.

Your knowledge of the industry is incredible and helped me in deciding to finally go the PXG route.

I admire what your trying to do with youth golf and was happy to donate my old irons to be given to an up and coming player. I strongly urge all golfers out there to donate their old sets (good quality sets please) so that we can help youngsters without strong financial means to enjoy this amazing game.

Name: Roger Lee
Handicap: 8.4
Country: Singapore

I've been to many demo days and several club-fitting sessions in SG as well as overseas before discovering BFG.

The single most important ingredient that differentiates BFG from the rest is of course Eric Ng.

Clients will feel that Eric does not try to sell you a product. He genuinely wants you to play better golf and its his mission to provide you with the bespoke "weapon" to do the job.

My entire bag is either outfitted or custom fitted by BFG to suit me, regardless of where I buy my club heads.

As we age, we swing differently to compensate for injuries and suffer the inevitable loss of distance due to decreased club head speeds. That's where custom fitting comes in.

Eric will optimise your equipment to fit physical condition and playing frequency to ensure your game stays ahead.

His constant quest for product knowledge, using technology to provide necessary data, the ability to make sound judgments and constant upgrading of his facilities is a testament to his investment and commitment to stay ahead.

Over the last 10 years BFG is my go-to place for bespoke equipment and I have recommended numerous friends to pay Eric a visit. You should too!

Name: Tetsutaro Hara
Age: 10 years old
Country: Ehime, Japan


Desmond Tan
Handicap: 7
Country: Beijing

Big fish is excellent at what it does because it does not have the biggest studio or wide array of products.

It is the best there is because 1) the fitting process takes place over 1 week instead of 1 day - you take a club, try it, get it fitted and go play and come back for additional tuning like a sports car 2) they keep in touch with you and invest their most precious asset (i.e. Time) on youngsters and amateurs alike. They even treat pros and walk in customers with the same level of service and attitude 3) BFG has always re-invent itself and is never shy to tell you what is the best for you and your swing and your budget!