Our Mission

Fitting for Performance

Enabling the junior golfer to play better and compete with a better chance of winning has been the mission of how we started. That has always been our mantra and the driving force of how we want the child to grow into a competitive golfer.

Fitting for Continuous Development & Improvement

Junior golfers grow at an unpredictable rate and coupled with diet and growth spurts, it makes keeping up a tough act for parents. Hence it is only natural that a lot of junior golfers out there are not properly fitted.

Our Process

How and Where Do We Begin

Fitting your child starts from us getting an insight into his game, and his attitude towards the game, and even wider aspects related to other aspects of his/her life. Besides information such as physical and club data, we like to know why he or she wants to compete, their attitude on working towards their goals, and their tolerance towards training and other physical fitness and games.

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Gathering and Using Data


  • Height (in inches)
  • Floor to wrist (in inches)
  • Floor to elbow (in inches)

Due Diligence

Testing the Water

We are not your typical sales person at the golf store who will jump at every opportunity to sell you a set of clubs. We want to collect as much information as we can before we actually provide a clear, honest and unbiased opinion about your son or daughter’s equipment. We will also want you to do your due diligence, so that we can explore ways to work together towards better performance, and deliver a set of clubs that’s geared towards making your child’s game better.

Building the Clubs and Delivery

It usually takes a few days for us to gather the information and then create a configured set of clubs that based on your child’s desired specifications. We might ask for additional information if we need more clarity. All the specs should be ready for you in under a week.It takes no more than two days for us to build the test club and have it ready for shipping to you.

Worldwide shipping is capped at US$60 per club.

Key Considerations

Keeping Pace with Growth and Development

As we are working with Elite Junior Golfers, they will develop physically and improve on their range of movements. Hence, we do not believe in building clubs longer than necessary so that your child will grow into them eventually. An inch over our recommended length is within tolerance but we will need to seek your supervision to ensure that your child is choking down the grip to the right length. Our charts have already factored in half to three quarters of an inch additional length so there is no need to be too ambitious in building and offering a longer club.A longer club does not always produce longer distances, but optimal impact will always result in better control, trajectory and distance in golf. Optimal impact starts with the right weight, length, flex and lie angle and that is the recipe for optimal performance.

We have a programme to help you reduce your costs when your child needs to progress to longer clubs. In its current state, the shaft can be extended by 1½ inches without any issues. This can be adjusted at your local club fitter. If your child has outgrown the shaft length, weight and flex, within the year from optimization of their equipment, we have their club specifications on record. We can offer you a 35% discount for the next level of shaft, so you are price protected for such growth spurts within a period of optimization.

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