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Getting junior golfers the right golf set has always been a difficult and demanding task. There is virtually no common knowledge base to begin with, and it is even more difficult when it comes to finding the right club-components for aspiring and improving junior golfers.

In most cases, parents have to rely on ready-made (or off-the-shelf) sets, which are meant for the mass market. Or they could be literally cut down from any ladies’ set in order to obtain some form of clubs for their children.

I started fitting juniors more than a decade ago and have found nothing suitable in the beginning. Heads and shafts were too heavy, and even getting the right length club was rarely possible. This was because the available measurements for children’s sets that existed then were generally incorrect. This was because such measurements were compiled by people who did not really understand the relevance and applicability of a child’s height, weight, physical abilities, swing types and inherent strength of any junior golfer to his/her overall swing mechanics and capabilities. In the last 13 years, we have improved on our knowledge, data set and video analysis of junior golfers’ swings. Therefore we have successfully fitted juniors across the USA, Europe and predominately Asia.

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